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The Atlantis is a luxurious resort that is situated in the Bahamas. It is almost like a town of it own as it is self-contained. There are so many things you can do in the Atlantis that you do not even have to step out of it if you don’t want to. So, how do you go about planning this heavenly holiday? บาคาร่า

Firstly, you need to work out your travel dates carefully. As there are seasons, you want to be sure you do not plan this holiday during the monsoon. Next, check out the property specifications and decide which tower you want to put up in. This really depends on your budget and what you want from your room. Check out rates at the hotel websites along with other hotel providers available online. If you have the money to spend on a good room, then book the Royal Tower. You will get a bird’s eye view of the island as your room would be high up on the tower. Couple this with an ocean view and you can soak in the island atmosphere right from your room window.

When at the island, do check out the marine habitat that is maintained in the resort. This will occupy most of your day especially if you are a marine life enthusiast. While there, you may also want to go check out the water theme park. There are many exciting rides there that will enthrall people of all ages. You can also go the distance and experience swimming with the dolphins in the island. If all you want to do is laze around, head to the beach and chill out on a mat with a glass of cold beer. o relax on the beach. However, be careful with your belongings as sometimes late in the day, the beach can get pretty deserted. You can leave the resort and head to the handicraft market where you can bargain and purchase cheap yet exotic items. You may also want to try your luck at gambling at the casino. Dining is extensive and you can choose between eating in at your resort or head out and try some local fare.


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