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“Poker takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master”. This saying sums poker up, everyone can play poker but only a certain few are real masters of it. Poker has a great draw to it as unlike other forms of betting you can do many things to put the odds into your favor so you can win consistently. That is why in this article I am going to be giving you some of the key things that you need to be doing so that you can succeed at poker and win big!

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1) Know your chances – Get a copy of a odds chart and memorize it! For example say you are holding 3 of a kind and you only have one more chance to hit your forth ace then the odds of this coming is 45:1. Learn the odds based on how many cards are in the deck that can help you and how many chances you have left (is it the flop or the turn you are on?) and you will be able to know if the bet on the table is worth you putting in your chips.

2) Mix up your playing style – Remember other people are watching for your tells or to see what type of player you are (Aggressive, Passive etc.). If you keep changing your playing style you will be able to keep them guessing and punish them for incorrectly typecasting you.

3) Keep an eye on your opponents – When you are not playing a hand keep an eye out for your opposition 먹튀폴리스 공식 블로그. My favorite time to play in a hand is when the chip leader has just lost a chunk of chips, this is because he will be on tilt so if you can get in there and hit a hand you can take him to the cleaners while he is not playing his usual style!

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Hard blackjack hands are defined as hands that do not contain an ace which can be counted as eleven. For example you are dealt an ace and a two. Correct strategy requires you to hit and you get a queen. You now have a hard hand totaling thirteen. 

Playing hard hands of eight or less requires no thought, just hit. You can’t bust. If you have a six and a three or any other nine count, double down if the dealer’s upcard is a three, four, five, or six; otherwise hit. Dealer is weakest at six, then five, then four, then three, then two. Any other upcard and dealer has a good chance of winning.

For a ten-count, double if dealer shows two through nine, and hit if dealer has a ten-card or an ace. If your hand totals eleven, double if dealer shows two through ten, and hit if his upcard is an ace. The player is in a weak but not hopeless position with twelve. If the dealer has a two or three showing, hit. You’ve got to try to get better. If the dealer shows four, five, or six, stand, cross your fingers, and pray the dealer busts.

Treat any hard hand of thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, or sixteen the same way. With these hands, stand if the dealer shows two through six, and hit if the dealer shows a seven, eight, nine, ten-card, or ace. It’s very tough psychologically to hit when you have a sixteen showing, but if the dealer has an eight up, you’ve probably already lost. So grit you teeth, and signal the dealer to hit you.


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