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房地產投資 involves the purchasing, holding, management, rental, or sale of real estate as a method for private financial gain. The process of buying real estate involves many different aspects of purchasing real estate, such as research of available properties, negotiation with property owners, construction of the property, and financing. Purchase of real estate involves the transfer of money from one place to another. Real estate investors typically seek rental opportunities in addition to capital appreciation; therefore, they may purchase a property for investment purpose with the intention of letting it earn rental income. There are several techniques used by real estate investors to buy real estate.

The most common technique used in real estate investment is the use of “pre-financed” purchase. Real estate investors opt for this type of purchase when they need cash for some purpose other than buying property. In this case, investors give the tenant or owner a chance to pay his monthly rent in advance. Usually, real estate asset is “held” by the lessee in return for regular monthly payments like rent. However, it can also be “saleed” to the third party.

Another common technique in real estate investment is flipping. In this technique, the physical asset is not purchased, but rather the rights attached to it are. For example, in the real estate investment fund (REIF) a portion of the funds is dedicated to real estate assets. When the owner of such property decides to sell it, then the investor can take over the right to rent the property, pay rent, and make monthly payments. Therefore, a flip is an agreement wherein the buyer has the right to occupy the physical asset without making any payment until the value increases above a pre-determined amount.

Also known as rental property investment trusts, REITs are managed by professional property managers who invest in real estate stocks or bonds and make money from them through the rental fees paid by tenants. The manager makes money if the rents paid by tenants are higher than the cost of investments. So, investors will receive a regular income, even if the value of the stocks or bonds drops. The only disadvantage of this technique is that there is a risk of losing money. So, investors should be prepared to lose their money once in a while.

Another type of real estate investment trusts is the tax-efficient retirement investment programs. These programs allow investors to invest tax-deferred in real estate. As long as the investments are made according to certain rules, they can use this money as they get older. In return, the government will send them the earnings. This is one of the most popular ways of using tax-deferred income in retirement. Although this is not a technique that investors can use to generate regular income, they can supplement their retirement income.

Real estate is considered as a very safe haven for individuals who want to invest on a long-term basis because rental properties will usually appreciate in value. In order to increase the chances of getting a good return on their investments, individuals should purchase properties that will allow them to earn more rental income. They can either take up a lease agreement or buy a piece of property with the plan of turning it into rental properties.


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