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The world needs spiritual practitioners, especially during these pivotal times. However, there are a few problems with the concept of spiritual healers, which are often times difficult to navigate. Fraudulent, and unqualified, spiritual healing practitioners do exists, and are a dangerous disease in the industry. In this essay, I will tell you why a good spiritual healer can be invaluable, how the fakes lie you out of your money, and how to determine if a particular spiritual healer is the right one for you how to write a cause and effect essay.

In current society, medicine, and doctors to prescribe medicine, is a huge economic aspect of our daily life. We watch commercials on TV telling us to ask our doctor if a certain drug is right for us, we are faced with financial decisions which are related to whether we should pay for health insurance, or whether we should invest our money in alternative health care options. We are forced to ask ourselves if the food we eat and the liquids we drink are safe. One thing which humanity, as a whole, has to realize is these questions are all based on physical results. In asking only the questions which we are guided (by society) to ask, we are ignoring two other important aspects of our entire being, the emotional and the spiritual.

I have been on a shamanic path since I was 9 years old, and have developed a shamanic clientele which I am very proud of and am quite successful. I have helped clients through breast cancer, leukemia, bone breaks, sciatica, and skin cancer, just to name a few. One aspect of every illness in which I have dealt with is there is always an emotional core, a seed if you will. Modern medicine, while treating the physical, ignores the emotional and spiritual. Patients hear, take this pill, or this IV, or let us cut you here. This only treats the symptom of a much larger and more important aspect of the illness. Yes, cancers and infections should be removed, or killed, before they kill the patient. However, only treating the physical symptom is not going to permanently reverse the illness. When a medical doctor removes or kills the physical representation of an illness, the core of the illness still remains in the emotional and spiritual being. If the ‘seed’ is not removed from both of these two commonly ignored areas, the illness will find its way back into the physical, often times in a more dangerous version than initially presented.

While I know many medical doctors and have worked with and respect a few, there are very few spiritual healers who have been able to earn my trust and respect. Medical doctors have to go through strenuous training to carry the title of MD. Spiritual healers can create a certificate on their computer, using a program very similar to the one I am using to write this article, and they can then proclaim themselves to be a spiritual practitioner. They can advertise, they can talk, and they can use their personality to make you think they know what they are doing, when, in reality, all they have is a marketing plan stating they are much more than they know to be true. This leads me to the first misleading variety of healer I will discuss, or at least incredibly neurotic, the ‘new’ patented technologies practitioner.


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