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Suffolk covers a large area of Virginia, encompassing rural areas as well as modern communities with a metropolitan feeling. Northern Suffolk apartments for rent attract the attention of many people. The communities in the north provide different lifestyle options than the boroughs in other sections, such as Whaleyville and Driver. Anyone who is considering moving to this area may be interested in some of the features of the northern part of the city.

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One of the advantages of living in Northern Suffolk is the amount of space. The lack of overdevelopment allows homes and rental complexes to expand as needed. This means that many Suffolk apartments for rent have spacious floor plans. It also means amenities like pools, fitness centers and community clubhouses are more common than in other areas. This makes the area a good choice for growing families, couples or people who need personal space to enjoy an apartment rhubarb candle.

Close Shopping

Suffolk is actually the largest city in Virginia by the amount of land contained in the official boundaries. Northern Suffolk apartments for rent have an advantage over many other areas. They are located closer to shopping centers and commercial business than the more rural communities located farther away. This means people living in the north have fast access to a range of shopping options nearby, from grocery stores to mom-and-pop shops to big box stores. This is beneficial, since some people in other parts of the city must travel a bit into neighboring boroughs and Hampton Roads cities, or even North Carolina to access shopping and retail stores.

Short Commute Times to Nearby Cities

Northern Suffolk apartments for rent are actually close to several nearby cities in Hampton Roads and Western Tidewater, including Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake, Smithfield and Franklin. The commutes are very short when compared with the driving times from Downtown, Whaleyville and Holland. This makes it easier to get to work or to specific venues during the week. The shorter commute times also make it easier for families or couples to visit Williamsburg, Jamestown or the beaches during the holidays and summer months.


The community contains a number of entertainment options, including movie theaters, recreation centers, and parks that have sports facilities and picnic tables. Part of the Great Dismal Swamp Wildlife Refuge is located to the south, and is often at the center of a scenic ride. The refuge gives residents the opportunity to view wildlife and to enjoy lakes and forests. The Peanut Festival occurs every year, as well, and celebrates the many different aspects of peanuts, from peanut soup to roasted peanuts to peanut butter. A number of historic sites and districts appear throughout Suffolk, including several 17th-century preserved settlements and a Civil War cemetery.


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