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There have been a number of best internet deals designed around go kart racing and if you fancy a hand at what is one of the most exciting sports around, then keep an eye out for what’s being offered in the future.

One of the best internet deals offered recently was held at Sydney’s Kartatak Raceway. And on offer were three ten minute sessions complete with three bottles of water. And it was all priced at just $32, compared with the offer’s face value of $79.50. furniture store melbourne

The team behind the deal say that Kartatak Raceway is the home of two of the most exciting and challenging indoor kart tracks in the country located at Arncliffe and Villawood. The only additional extra was that new customers have to purchase a 12 month Kartatak licence costing $9. And new drivers have to wear enclosed footwear.

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But just what is the real attraction of Go Karting. Firstly, no one should think this is just for kids. Many of Australia’s and the world’s best racing drivers learnt their trade in such karts and on circuits similar to those offered by Kartatak.

Secondly, Go Karting is in reality a scaled down version of the real thing. The karts are fast and full of high performance – the same skills that will see you highly placed up on the podium, are basically the same skills that the top drivers employ to get themselves the honours.

Last minute braking into a corner, accelerating out of the bend and then the right gear selection as the straight approaches, these are all skills honed by those driving karts. And this sport will give you a sense of the racing line – the path chosen on any circuit which top drivers can instinctively find and those not so experienced which find difficult to learn.

Thirdly, it’s all about the excitement of driving a fast machine around a challenging circuit; of pitching your skills against others who are equally determined to take the chequered flag.

The two facilities offer the best Go Kart racing experiences and would delight any would be Formula One driver. The newest Kartatak Raceway is in Villawood and has a number of exciting features, including wide bends for easy over taking, a drive through tunnel and a high speed banked corner to add that extra bit of spice. But it’s not just about the drivers. Family and friends have equally fine facilities and they can watch the racing taking place from a second level lounge complete with glass walls, pool tables and arcade machines.


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