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Easy accessibility of Internet has brought about a significant change in peoples’ buying habits. People now prefer buying from online stores rather than from physical stores 聊天室. Online purchases requires online payment and the most preferred choice for making payments among the common public is credit cards. People prefer credit cards because it’s an easy way to complete the payment process.

Businesses have also started to accept card payment to make the payment process easy. Business establishments accept card payments through virtual card terminals 香港交友網. These terminals are connected to a payment gateway through a phone line. The virtual terminal acts as a card payment processor and plays a pivotal role in allowing the business to accept card payments.

In the ever-increasing competition amongst businesses, they are forced to find new methods to increase their income. Thus, to increase their business sales, they are resorting to door-to-door sales technique. However, in door-to-door selling it is impossible for you to carry a terminal everywhere you go as it is not portable 識女仔方法. This non-movable trait of bulky terminals may result in the loss of your valuable sale. The customer may back off from buying due to non-availability of payment through credit cards.

Thus, to receive card payments on the go and to avoid loss of sales and subsequent income, you can install the free virtual terminal application for iPhone in your iPhone. You can easily download this application online for free. The free virtual terminal app for iPhone converts your iPhone into a portable virtual credit card terminal.

These applications allow users to easily receive payments through their iPhone. You just have to input the card details such as the verification code, the card number, its date of expiry and the amount of transaction. Once the details are entered, the application completes the transaction in quick time. It also gives instant feedback on the status of the transaction – if the payment is accepted or not.

With free virtual terminal app for iPhone you can assure your customers complete safety of the transaction. You can assure them that the card details are not stored in your phone, but they are directly transmitted to the payment gateway.


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