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There is a very subtle, quiet and yet powerful stream of energy just underneath where we live on a conscious level. This stream is carrying us forward…that is if we listen to it, if we allow it and if we let it. We can choose to make this stream the guiding force of our lives or not. That is the greatest power that we have…the power to choose. This power of choice applies to everything we experience, but in my opinion most importantly it applies to how, when or if we choose to have this stream be our guide. The stream will always lead us back to our true selves, the Divine and to each other.

Meditation of any sort is a way to break free from all the thoughts in our mind in order to connect with the stream and what the stream is guiding us towards or away from. Without some form of meditation, there is almost no way to connect, feel, hear or ultimately act on the stream’s guidance.

When we speak of ways of listening to the stream we can stumble into a “this way” or “that way” dogma in terms of meditation practice. I try to steer clear of prescribing that there may be one way or another that may be better or worse when it comes to meditation. One of my favorite bits of advice about this comes from Neale Donald Walsh when he says “If you feel God eating a salami sandwich, by golly do that!” There are millions of people in the world and there are millions of ways to hear, feel, see and act upon the stream.

There is a groundswell going on the planet right now. This groundswell is a profound calling, a calling all of us recognize on an extremely deep level. It is a calling that until Prostastream now only great mystics, yogis and enlightened beings could hear, but something has changed. I believe that what has changed is that humankind is on the verge of a brand new dawn of existence. This new existence has everything to do with the stream and the gentle defenseless power of the stream to create a new world that possibly has never been experienced on earth before.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all part of this mass movement inward and towards the stream. We have made the choice to be here and be here NOW so that we could begin to usher in this time of releasing our identification with the outer manifestations and instead identification with the internal stream that is flowing within all of us at all times.

What You Can Do:

STOP. BREATHE. ALLOW. TRUST. Doing this pattern, whether it be for 20 minutes or 2. It will help the stream to be the guiding force in your life. Once it is the guiding force, you will shift and so will the world around you.


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