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At first glance, the Oppo A53 might appear to be too small for your television screen. Compared with many plasma TV’s the size of the A 53 is really quite large. However, if you have the right to stand for it, or place it properly on your TV stand, it will be like adding another room to your TV. It will look as if you have added an entire second screen to your TV for a great price.

OPPO A53 - Faster and Smoother, Feel The Speed | OPPO Pakistan

Android Experience The android operating system on the Oppo A53 is designed by Samsung their same company that produced the well-received, popular, modern touch screen mobile phones of the Note series. This manufacturer, along with others, are doing more to make their phones usable on a wider range of mobile devices, including televisions. The A53 offers everything you expect from your typical android smartphone, starting with an attractive, sharp screen that you’ll surely want to show off to your friends. With an ultra fast 90-Hz refresh rate, you’ll watch videos, surf the net, play games, and stay abreast of the most popular trending hashtags via one swift, fluid and smooth display Oppo a53.

Long Battery Life With a large, high-resolution, clear screen, the Oppo A53 won’t let you down. Its large, 16 million pixel screen will allow you to view your photos, videos, or play your favorite games without having to crank up your laptop or desktop. In fact, this smartphone boasts a solid, long battery life even when you’re not using it. When you are browsing the internet or watching a movie you’ll be impressed by how long the A53 can last. It should last you for at least one whole working day, although users have reported that the battery life does tend to diminish after a while.

Amazing Networking Speeds With a quad-core processor, Adreno processor, and two gigabytes of RAM on board, the Oppo A53 gives you a fast, smooth, and reliable network connection. Unlike many other netbooks which run slowly, the A53 runs smoothly and quickly, even when surfing the internet or playing your favorite videos. With a high battery life, you won’t need to spend hours in front of the computer cranking up the speed. The 90hz refresh rate of the A53 makes it ideal for use in bright light as well as outdoors. The phone also supports GSM/GPRS networks, meaning it can connect with GSM carriers like Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, and Samsung.

Good Looks and Sound The looks of the Oppo A53 are certainly the best part of this smartphone. At first glance you may not think that it has a very good look, but after taking it out of the box you will immediately notice the nice contrast between the metallic, black shell and the beautiful silver trim around the back. The metallic finish does pick up fingerprints quite easily, but a quick rub with a cloth should be able to remove them. Despite the good looks of this smartphone, the speakerphone earpiece is simply not as good as many others on the market, so if you’re looking for a quality phone with a great sound then the Oppo A53 might not be a good choice.

Battery Life While the battery life of the Oppo A53 is not as long as some others on the market, it does come close to the iPhone 4S’s eight-hour battery life. It does seem to be more dependent on the wireless charging capabilities of the A 53 than any other reason, though. If you don’t mind using your smartphone for extended periods of time while it charges, then this phone should work well for you.


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