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Singapore Math is a highly effective and efficient method of teaching and learning mathematics. It is highly recommended by the people as it has been planned according to the national curriculum standards of math. Based on particular textbooks and syllabus authorized by the Ministry of Education of Singapore, it supports and emphasizes on developing skills in problem solving and in model drawing. The main aim of Singapore Math is to encourage children to focus on in-depth understanding to math problems in order to solve them effectively and efficiently. The Singapore math is succeeded by well-articulated series of programs covering a wide scope.

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Singapore Math has been steadily gaining popularity since 2003. Recently revised, the Singapore math includes two comprehensive series which are used by more than 80% students of Singapore. The series comprises of separate math syllabus for the kindergarten children, primary school children or grade one to grade six, and the new fundamental math is being used by the students of secondary or high schools. The Singapore math is usually rated one grade above the American math courses. Moreover, it highly recommends the placements tests cours particuliers maths.

Each math course consists of two textbooks and two workbooks. The main purpose of the workbooks for the students is to be used as consumable and the textbooks as non-consumable. Mr Hector Chee, an experienced mathematics teacher, came up with the idea of using models to solve math problems. Since then, this method has been efficiently used for teaching math at primary level in Singapore. The method is highly effective for students who are weak in mathematics due to the lack in understanding of the common arithmetic operations and mathematical language. The method is simple and useful in improving the response of children through visual stimuli.

One effective way of developing the understanding skill of the children is by dividing the arithmetic operations into different components. This makes the process of solving and learning math less complicated. The math problems are solved by the students easily and systematically by drawing rectangular boxes or models, which depict the relationship between the mathematical values. These models help them to realize and visualize math problems vividly, and hence improve their ability to comprehend and solve mathematic problems.


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