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Kinesics is the study of body gestures and their meanings. Known as direct response from the limbic system in brain, body language is a subconscious action many people can’t control. Only observers will notice other people’s body gesture but they do not notice their own. In the olden days body language is used as an effective tool for survival and mating. This still holds true today, as body language is a sure reaction towards how we feel and how we think others feel about us.

Women who are attracting attention of men will unconsciously send flirting body language as a signal for him to approach her. The flirting body language of a woman can be playful behavior to arouse sexual interest or just innocent gestures without sexual tension. Some women use flirting to encourage men to approach them so that they can slowly choose  Language of desire a suitable mate. Crossing of legs, playing with hair, tucking hair behind their ears to expose neck and shoulders, and loosening of clothing to expose more skin could signify flirting.

Direct invitation for sex can be portrayed through sexual body gestures. A woman who is ready for sex will sometimes prefer to let the man make the move. It is a protective mechanism to prevent her from being made a fool if the man ended up refusing her request. If a man is attracted to a lady and desires her in bed, sexual body gestures sent by slow stroking of rounded wet object such as the top of glass will tease and stimulate him. Licking of lips, putting on lipstick or eating slowly can be stimulating for a man. Stronger invitation for sex includes licking an ice cream on cone or taking a banana into her mouth will make him giddy with desire. It’s like a direct invitation for him to let her taste what he has to offer. Women’s body language can be exceptionally strong and irresistible to men.

Body language has been a trusted form of communication since time immemorial. Before the development of languages, everybody communicates using body language to signal what they want and what they are thinking. Sad to say, as humans develop, their ability to read body gesture started to decline because humans tend to focus too much attention on verbal communication. However, some people are exceptionally good at reading body signals and manipulating them to their advantage. For some unknown reasons, some men are attracted like a magnet by women’s body language even when on normal occasions they don’t understand what women are saying. Talking too much makes the world spin for men. That’s why the idiom “Action speaks louder than word” exists.


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