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Receivers – are supposed to be the heart of the home cinema system. It is the component that connects every part of the home cinema to each other. It works as a controller of the system. The performance of the whole system depends on this. If you buy the receiver of a low quality the operation of the home cinema will not be of good quality. The receiver should be able to hold digital or optical audio ports and provision should be there so that the old style cabling can also be used in it. The price of a receiver always depends upon the amplifier that is built into it. Therefore always strive to buy the best quality receiver in order to experience the theater like experience that you are looking for digital cinema.

The second important component of the home cinema is the screen. Without the screen you will not be able to see anything. Four types of screens exists – permanent, portable, manual pull down and electric. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and you have to check on those to decide on the right one.

Speakers are the next component that is vital to the home movie system. The quality of sound decides whether you are having the theater experience of not. The more you can reproduce audio quality with hi-fi and surround system the more satisfying your experience will be.

Amplifiers are said to be the mind of the home movie system. The various controls are processed through the amplifiers. It controls the slew rate, gain, bandwidth and rise time, noise and efficiency and linearity. These are all vital to the home movie system. There are varieties of models that you can choose from but you have to be very careful when you decide to buy one.


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