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If you have successfully survived your residency, but were unable to secure gainful employment afterward, it’s time to put one final coat of polish on your resume and find a physician job. Finding the proper fit when seeking a physician job is important during your search and knowing where to look can often be half the battle.

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Before sifting through a mountain of physician job postings, take a moment to collect everything you will need to present yourself properly. A well put together resume can often be the most effective calling card, and should include a position-specific cover letter and letters of recommendation from reputable sources. Obtain letters of recommendation from some of the professionals that you were associated with while in residency, or consult other physicians who may be able to attest to your abilities. Additionally, knowing what type of position you’re looking for will assist you in narrowing your search results to find more accurate job postings.

Now that you’re ready to find that physician job, where do you begin? There are a slew of Internet websites devoted to job postings and some are specifically for physicians. When accessing a database of job postings on the Internet it’s important to remember that large websites, while more reputable, will also collect a large number of resumes. The competition is steep when you’re applying for a job on a job posting website. While you’re surfing the World Wide Web, you may want to consider creating a LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook account. Many employers have implemented the use of social media to spread the word on available job posting openings and to research potential applicants.

Contacting a recruiter can take away some of the stress of finding a physician job, but it’s recommended that you continue to pursue job postings on your own as well. A recruiter has access to a job-listing database that is often times unavailable to the public. Your recruiter will search for physician jobs that meet your qualifications, and arrange an introduction to a prospective employer. Remember, you should never have to pay a recruiter for their services. A reputable recruiter takes his or her fee from the employer directly.

Utilize the connections you made while in residency, and begin asking around. Physicians are often a close-running crowd, and news travels in circles. It may benefit you to make a few phone calls, or send a few emails, to colleagues and connections from your residency. Perhaps a physician job has just opened up or there is a rumor that an institution may be hiring.

While you may be tempted to celebrate the end of your residency, and your birth into full-fledged physician-hood, don’t celebrate too long. Landing a physician job is the final step in your pursuit of a career in medicine. If you aren’t working another job for income, consider treating your job hunt as your full time job. By devoting 8 hours a day to sending resumes, searching for job postings and spreading the word of your job hunt to colleagues, you will surely be able to find the physician job for which you are looking.


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