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A city on the make, Guangzhou has undertaken rocketed development as the busiest trade port in China with its strategic geographic position in the Pearl River Delta. Since the Tang Dynasty in Chinese history, Guangzhou and its adjacent cities served as important stops on the Silk Road. The Reforms and Opening-up policies have created diverse industrial developments for the city and made it an astounding success. Nowadays, the area is titled to the name of the world’s factory floor for its prosperous business opportunities have attracted businessmen at home and abroad.

Transport Along China's Silk Road Economic Belt Just Got A Boost - Cambiaso  Risso Group

Super fast industrial development does bring lots of economic powers to the international city, however, it does not equal to a pleasant living environment. On the contrary, Guangzhou is more notorious for its smoggy gray sky due to heavy air pollution and traffic congestion that get most people’s nerves on.

Gorgeous skyscrapers keep sprouting across the city at fast pace, while subway and highway expansions assist to ease the heavy burden of congestion. Luxurious hotels, world-class resorts, exhibition centers continue to spring up for Guangzhou’s vibrant business opportunities China’s silk road economic belt.

Knowing some basic Chinese customs will help put a smile on the local partners’ faces and cultivate your relationship. For instance, business cards are usually given and received using both hands accompanied by a slight bow. This kind of care should also extend to formal business meetings or dinners. Punctuality is always regarded as an important aspect, which might exert a great challenge for frequent travelers due to the heavy traffic in Guangzhou. Take metro if you don’t want to be delayed on the road for one hour or two due to the heavy traffic.

One prominent difference on negotiation table is that people in the west would go straight to the point in business deals, while people in Guangzhou would talk about personal stuff so as to know more about each other and build mutual trust. Don’t feel surprised or upset if you are asked about age, salary or married status as it is very common here. The negotiation process can be long and tedious. And from a cultural point of view, it is better not to be too excitable on the negotiation table. Don’t raise your voice as it would destroy your impression in the eyes of your local partners.

The bilingual China Import and Export Fair, also known as Canton Fair, is a significant event of the city and opens the door for businessmen, enterprises from every corner of the world to work together.


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