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Drop in truck bed liners can stand just about any kind of rough treatment. Better watch it though, a plastic liner can also quickly damage a truck bed. Before you know it your truck can be harmed and it’s all out of sight. It doesn’t have to be that way, but here’s how it gets started.

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1. Vibration equals rust.
A poor fitting bed liner starts shaking and vibrating as you cruise down the road. That’s not just from the movement, but from the wind blowing around and under the lining too. What happens then? All that movement starts wearing away paint from the bed. Problem is, it’s under the liner where it’s out of sight. By the time you notice it, you may have rust spots that are hard to stop bedliner.

2. Air under is a long gone liner.
A poor fitting unit may become a wing. That’s because air under the liner causes a lot of movement too. All that movement may eventually crack the liner around the mounting spots. If the liner cracks at the right spots, it’s “good-bye bedliner” and hope nobody gets hit. This really happens. I’ve seen it myself. Scary…

3. Water traps.
A liner that isn’t designed to help water drain becomes a water trap. So? So, that water underneath a plastic liner just hides and slowly sets up a perfect spot for rust and corrosion. It’s hidden and the rust can get going before you even know it. Too bad…

4. The singing liner…
Maybe this won’t ruin your truck, but it may damage your fragile nerves. A poor fitting liner and the wind whipping by is a perfect set-up for lots of noise. So much noise that it’s annoying at best and enough to drive you crazy at the worst. Wind noise is just part of many bed liners.

There is another way. Drop in truck bed liners come in more than one design. Most are just a one piece unit. A better solution may be the design that is made in multiple pieces. That way the custom fit can be a better fit and also better at draining. DualLiner is the brand.


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