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Jack Mason’s “The Jack Mason Mystery” is a delightfully entertaining and informative book on the art of reading minds. Mr. Mason, author of such classics as “How to Get Rich,” “The Great Bazaar”, “The Art of Success” and “The Keys to Wealth”, presents his findings about how the mind functions in regard to making and developing good decisions. Much of the book is devoted to the section called the “Academic Background”. Here, he discusses what led him to become a psychologist and what attracted him to study the psychology of decision-making Jack Mason’s considerable success.

Mr. Mason begins the book with an impressive introduction outlining his educational and professional background. The opening chapter details his early attempts to make decisions and discusses his frustration with his inability to successfully make any decisions. He finally decides to pursue this goal and after many failed attempts, gives up. Rejecting the idea that success is linked to ability, he determines that only the mind can be responsible for success and so he sets out to learn how the mind works in its quest for self-improvement.

This is a very interesting opening to this intriguing book. After explaining the background, the main topic of the book is how to make decisions so you become successful. Mr. Mason presents a series of steps, beginning with the basics and proceeding to more complicated examples with various scenarios. Some of these illustrations are very moving and even humorous, especially when they contrast with the decisions Jack Mason would eventually make.

Mr. Mason also repeatedly emphasizes the importance of using personal experience in making decisions. For instance, if you were planning a trip to Paris, instead of simply relying on maps, you should visit the city yourself so that you would have personal knowledge of the landmarks, tourist attractions, etc. Also, when faced with a difficult decision, such as choosing a college, he makes it even more difficult by reminding himself of all the decisions he has previously made and the results.

Along with the maps and advice, he then gives an example from his own life. He relates how, as a child, he would get so upset about not getting his favorite toy, the dinosaur, that he would go through all of his possessions and decide which one was his “favorite”. This is a powerful example of how making decisions can become distressing and so extreme that the person who chooses not to act on them would in fact become depressed and feel helpless.

The key take away from this book is that Jack Mason is absolutely convinced that the power of decision lies with the individual. It does not matter what circumstances are trying to tell us, he believes that we are always in control of our destiny. Whether we are successful or not depends on how much we believe in ourselves. If you have a desire to be extremely successful, I highly recommend that you take a hard look at this book and see if it might help you.


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