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It’s really hard to trust anyone these days. Keeping all your matters private matters private can be quite difficult with today’s high-tech generation. Chances are, you could be the next victim of identity theft and fraud and not even know when it happens.

Throughout the U.S. identify theft and fraud crime affects 1 out of every 25 Americans. An average victim suffers over $6000 to restore their identity and good credit once it has been stolen. And identity theft happens an average of once every 3 seconds.

Protect your identity from these thieves. They will use different methods just to get personal information about you so that they could steal money from your bank accounts. Here are a few tips to help protect yourself:

– If you’re creating a social media account or if you’re changing your pin number of your bank account. create clever passwords, avoid using your birthdates, maiden’s name, your city where you live in Name Change in Aadhar Card. Oftentimes people will use their birthdates as their passwords. Try to mix numbers and letters and cases.

– When you’re using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. think before you click. There are scam advertisements that offer free gadgets on any topics or videos that usually tell unbelievable stories just to get your attention. Avoid those posts, if you’ll click on them, their system could read all the data or information about your social media accounts.

– The hackers can now change your passwords and they can use your identity to fool other people using your account. Before clicking posts read first and see if there are comments below. If there are no comments or there are comments that states it doesn’t show any video, then it’s probably a scam.

– Be sure when you buy online products to choose only the reliable websites that sells online products. Beware downloading files in the internet, most of those files have viruses that will slowly hack all your computer’s information.

– Protect your computer. Install an anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware. Secure a firewall set up in your computer to avoid from hackers which they could get all the personal files in your computer. By having these set ups in your computer the virus or hackers can’t retrieve any information about you.

– If you’re throwing papers out with all your personal and financial informations, be sure to shred them first. Most of us usually throw those papers directly in the trashcan. The thieves can get our personal information from those papers too.

– Be sure to protect and to know where did you put your wallet or secure a safe place for your personal files.

– Choose credit or debit cards that offers fraud protection. These smart cards have a unique magnetic strip from EMV microchip technology which has encrypted microchip that makes it more difficult to fake.

These are just few of the best ways to protect your identity from identity thieves. Be responsible enough to secure your personal information. If you are already a fraud victim, search for websites that has helpful information about your concerns. If you lost your ATM card, identity card report directly to the authorities to let them know that you lost those cards and tell the bank officers to freeze your account from any other transaction to be made while you lost it.


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