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A housewarming party is an auspicious occasion usually held shortly after moving in to a new house. It’s an opportunity for the newly-moving friends to open their houses to their guests, greet the new inhabitants, and give gifts to furnish the whole new house. Also housewarming parties aren’t always casual. The “house” may be a special place or even a room in the basement, where visitors may stay for a while or on a permanent Basement Homeshare. This gives you an opportunity to take a few minutes to say hello to those you meet.

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When it comes to finding special housewarming gifts for your new homeowners, there are several options. Some people like to personalize their gifts to make them all that more special. You can create a scrapbook with a series of pictures taken from their new digs, as well as a story about where they came from. Or, perhaps, your gift recipients can bring along a favorite photo of the two of you together qua mung tan gia

If you’d rather not have a scrapbook, you can still create a personalized card to send to your new homeowners. Simply get a nice blank card, write the date, location and a message of thanks. Some other ideas include something simple like a card with a “wink” on the front, with “new home” on the inside. These make wonderful housewarming gifts, especially if the two of you live in close proximity to one another.

One of the best things about accepting housewarming gifts from others is that it lets you spend time with your new family. Once the dust clears, you’ll want to spend time in your new home, so this is an excellent time to go out and enjoy yourself. For example, perhaps you can take the kids for a tour of your new home and show them off to their parents. Another idea is to bring the family together for a nice lunch in the kitchen, where you can talk about what the children are eating and how the whole family is feeling.

Don’t forget the children! Kids need to feel connected to their families as much as anyone else does. If you don’t give them presents for their arrival in your home, then they will feel left out. There are so many fun, affordable housewarming gifts available for children that it’s easy to make lasting impressions. Keep a look out for toys and little items that kids will love, and you’ll have a gift that will definitely be appreciated.

Finally, consider a gift for the person who will be making your housewarming gift-giving decisions. Just as you want to choose a gift that matches the newlyweds, the gift-giver needs to pick something that suits the family as well. Consider the likes and dislikes of the family members when choosing a housewarming gift. You don’t have to spend a fortune to impress someone who will be making major decisions about your new home. Give them something that they will remember, enjoy, and value for years to come!


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