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Getting an outfit for teen boy’s Halloween costumes depends on whether the teen is going to a party as an individual or as part of a group. Sometimes, groups of friends like to all dress in one common theme so you’d want to get something that fit with his peers’ costumes.

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The first step is to look for something age appropriate. Teens don’t want the same type of costume that would make an eight year old happy and they don’t want to be swallowed up in a costume that’s two sizes too big because it was made for an adult.

But eight times out of ten, a boy will choose a costume focusing on occupation or horror. There’s something about horror that just appeals to teen boys over any other kind of costume Juice Wrld Hoodie. They love to dress up like the villains in horror movies or as zombies on the hunt. Below are some scary costume ideas.

Ghost Rider

One of the teen boys Halloween costumes that focuses on horror is the Ghost Rider costume. This one is downright creepy (and sure to be a hit with a teen boy) from the faux leather jacket all the way to the character mask with flaming hair.

3D Zombie

Another rather frightening costume is the Young Men’s Teen Complete 3D Zombie. This costume is sure to be the most frightening one at any party. The shirt actually looks open to show the inside cavern of the chest – displaying both bones and organs. It has a mask and gloves that polish off this horror outfit.

Fading Eye Gauze Zombie

In the Zombie line is the Fading Eye Gauze Zombie Horror Costume in a long robe with glowing eyes. It’s a real spooky treat.

Freddy Krueger

Old favorites like the Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger are still a hit with teen boys and that costume has the shirt and mask. The scary glove is sold separately.

Zombie Football Player

For teen boys Halloween costumes that mix sports with fright, you can find various football uniforms (like Iowa State, Pittsburgh Steelers) and you can use these sets to create great one football player zombie costumes.

You get the jersey, the pants, shoulder pads, numbers – so your teen can pick his number and you get the helmet, with the face mask including chin strap. You get everything needed to dress like a football player in one set. Then you just buy some fake blood and bandages and you’re all set.


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