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Silencil is an all natural combination of natural ingredients designed to effectively work on the underlying cause of ringing ears to help completely eradicate ringing in the ears. According to the official commercial site, the developers of Silencil utilize a carefully blended combination of seven plant-based herbal extracts plus vitamins and minerals to successfully dissolve brain inflammation, which is said to damage delicate nerve fibers and cause other disturbing sounds to plague sufferers of tinnitus. Silencil users report an almost instant reduction in severity and volume after beginning a silica regimen. Some users also note that Silencil reduces the ringing in their ears, while others note that it has no effect whatsoever. In order for a full evaluation of Silencil’s suitability as a cure for tinnitus, it is necessary to gain a comprehensive understanding of the causes of tinnitus and how Silencil works to treat these conditions. This will help enable you to determine whether Silencil will help you or not.


The official Silencil website does not discuss any potential harmful ingredients that may prove harmful to users of Silencil. However, several scientific investigations have revealed the potential toxicity of some plant extracts, vitamins and minerals used in Silencil and the overall effectiveness of the product in addressing the symptoms of tinnitus. The majority of scientific investigations focus on two particular ingredients, sodium valinate (a common additive to over the counter anti-depressants) and sulfates. These two ingredients are listed on the Silencil ingredient listing but have received limited research attention.

Based on the available scientific information, a consensus has been reached that both sodium valinate and sulfates are potentially harmful if taken in high doses. High doses of both compounds can cause a significant build-up of excitatory neurochemicals in the brain. The excitatory neurochemicals cause the stimulation of auditory nerve impulses that result in the pulsing sounds commonly associated with ringing ears. In more severe cases ofsilencil ingredients causing hearing loss, the reduction of neurochemicals in the brain can result in a significant loss of hearing. If you are currently experiencing ringing ear symptoms, your doctor will be able to advise you whether or not these ingredients in Silencil are likely to result in hearing loss as a result of their use Silencil.

There are other possible toxic and potentially harmful ingredients in Silencil. Silencil consists of a combination of enzymes, proteins and vitamins. The combining of these ingredients in Silencil has the effect of stimulating inflammation in the body. It is this inflammation that is the cause of the ringing sound in ears associated with tinnitus.

Tinnitus is caused by an inflammatory reaction in the inner ear. Silencil is marketed as a tinnitus supplement due to this reaction from the ingredients in the formula. The common inflammatory reaction seen in people suffering from chronic hearing loss is known as Bursitis. Chronic Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa, which stores fluid that lubricates the ear drum and provides protection against outside noise. Silencil contains an enzyme called ceramide 3, which is associated with the production of ceramides in the body.

Research has been carried out to determine if Silencil has any negative side effects on people using it for their treatment of tinnitus. A published report from the National Institute of Health concluded that Silencil did not have any adverse affects on people using Silencil. The published report also concluded that the ingredients in Silencil were not likely to affect overall health or the body’s ability to fight disease. The official website for Silencil displays information relating to the research conducted into Silencil and concluded that the ingredients in Silencil were safe for people to use.

Silencil improves overall brain health by reducing inflammation of the inner ear and improving circulation. It also reduces the amount of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF), the protein that is associated with chronic inflammation nerve damage in the brain and is a cause of Parkinsons disease. The Silencil reduces the protein plaque that builds up in the arteries and prevents the building of new blood vessels to the head and neck area which improve circulation to the head and neck area.

Overall, Silencil is an herbal dietary supplement that has shown to improve the health of people with tinnitus. The Silencil formula does not contain any chemical additives or preservatives and is purely a blend of natural plant-based ingredients. This all natural formula is completely safe to take every day without any worries about possible negative side effects from using Silencil. The official website for Silencil also provides information relating to their high level of success with their formula being recommended by over ninety percent of their clients. When compared to other products that may also improve tinnitus symptoms the Silencil definitely stands out as a top choice.


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