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Free English courses online offer a great opportunity for people from all walks of life to learn to speak, read and write the language. This kind of course can compliment a course you are taking in school and give you help you need when you find a topic difficult. The free course in English grammar is divided into 70 lessons in four levels – Starter, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Upper Intermediate. These lessons focus on the rules of grammar. Knowing the grammar of a language helps you use words, such as verbs correctly in your speaking and writing.

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Listening has to be part of any language course so that you can hear the sounds of the words. Then you can repeat the words so that you learn how to speak them. Listening is part of a free course in English with a free audio course in American English. This course is divided into 40 units with practical conversations and conversations and talks that one would hear on a college campus.

All the lessons have practice exercises following them so that you can practice what you learn in the instruction. While there is no instruction with the audio practice exercises, these are designed to check your comprehension – to see whether or not you understood what you listened to. You can also read the script on the screen, so if there are any words there you don’t understand you can use the online dictionary on the site to translate them into your native language. The practice exercises in the English lessons all deal with the topic of the lesson. Here you will read sentences and fill in missing words.

When you complete any or the practice exercises, you can have them corrected so that you have immediate feedback and you know where you made your mistakes. Getting feedback right away is important for your learning. If you were attending class and completed a worksheet or wrote a test, it may be a few days before you get the result. With an online course as soon as you finish the sheet or quiz, you can click the button to have it graded and you get the results instantly. This way everything is still fresh in your mind so you can go back over the instruction and take the sheet again to get it correct.

The best part of taking this type of course online is that you can do everything from home. While this may be wonderful, it often leads to procrastination because you don’t have a set timetable for being in class. Therefore, to get the most of out online learning, you do have to make a commitment of time. Draw up your own schedule of when you want to concentrate on learning English and stick to those times. You don’t need to purchase textbooks to do such a course, but you do need to have Macromedia Flash on your computer to run the audio segments of the lesson. This is free to download, so again it won’t cost you anything to start learning English.


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