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Automatic garage doors make coming in and out of the garage convenient and easy. However, the downside to this is that they are a common weak point when the subject of home security is discussed. Electric garage doors are equipped with an emergency lever that you can pull down to open the garage manually. This lever allows you to open the garage door during cases of a power outage when the automation becomes unavailable. Using simple tools, such as hangers or sticks with hook ends, you can pull the lever down and lift the garage door.

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Unfortunately, you are not the only one who knows how this thing works. Burglars have identified garages as one of the easiest areas to break into a home. It is also one of the most overlooked parts of the house, which is odd because people store a lot of their valuables in there. To prevent intruders from having access to your home, you might want to update and reinforce security in your garage. Take note of these simple and cheap strategies to enhance your garage security.

Replace Big Remotes with Small Versions

Burglars know that you keep that bulky remote clipped to your car visor. Instead of leaving them in your car, always take the remote with you wherever you go. If it becomes an inconvenience, you can get rid of that bulky remote and replace it with a miniature version that you can program and secure with a pin code. If you accidentally lose the remote, you should be able to disable it to prevent strangers from getting access to your home. Choose a small and handy version that you can easily carry around or slip into your wallet, like a keychain or a key card.

Disable the Emergency Lever

Since thieves already know how to open garage doors with coat hangers, you should disable this emergency feature once and for all. Once this has been disabled, you lessen the risk of burglary, but note that you also forfeit the use of this feature — even in cases of emergency. Always remember to bring your remote with you and never leave it inside the house; otherwise, you will not be able to get in schl├╝sseldienst in Hannover.

Zip-Tie Your Emergency Release Lever

If you want to retain your emergency release lever’s intended function whilst preventing thieves from employing the bypass technique, use a zip-tie mechanism to lock the disengaging arm on the automatic door opener. The emergency lever can still be yanked if the right amount of force is applied. A forceful yank breaks the zip ties and allows you to enter the garage.

Block the View

Do not grant strangers and thieves access to your home by giving them a sneak peak of your garage’s content. Make sure that your windows and doors are made of frosted glass to prevent vicious people from peering in and compromising your privacy. If you have clear glass windows, cover them with heavy drapes or blinds to prevent burglars from “window shopping”. Install bars on every window as an added security. While they may be able to break the glass and pry the windows open, burglars will not be able to get through with window bars installed.

Install Motion-Sensor Lights and CCTV Cameras

Installing motion sensor lights over your garage will discourage burglars from breaking into your home. Choose standalone motion detectors and connect them to your existing lights. Thieves will be reluctant to enter a property that has motion-detection systems and CCTV cameras — since these devices might expose their activity and their identity.

Secure All Garage Doors and Entry Points

Put a deadbolt on every door that leads to your house as an extra layer of security. Some people fail to lock their doors and windows because they assume that garage doors can provide them with the security they need. However, since garages are more vulnerable to break-ins than most doors in the house, relying on its security puts you at risk. While it might be inconvenient to have to fumble for keys every time you want to enter the house, having a deadbolt lock installed on every entry point leading to your home makes you and your valuables safe from intruders.


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