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Keeping your name in front of your customers is an important part of developing recurring oil change business. Of course, doing so in an efficient and cost-effective manner can seem like a daunting task.

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But you don’t need a big advertising budget or a fancy commercial team to remind customers that your shop is the right choice for their next oil change. Just one slim piece of static-cling plastic will keep your company’s name and phone number literally in front of your customers’ faces.

Oil change stickers placed in the upper left corner of each customer’s windshield offer multiple benefits:

The stickers provide an appreciated service to your busy customers by reminding them of the next time they should change their oil. After all, with the many pressures of life today, how many drivers really take the time to keep track of mileage?

Oil change stickers can make your customers’ lives even easier by including your shop’s phone number THC Vapes Shop, allowing them to even call you from their car to make their next appointment. Who needs a phone book or an Internet connection to look a number up, when your oil-change stickers provide all the info your clients need within easy reach?

Most importantly for your shop, oil change stickers are great at reminding your customers who they can trust their prized vehicles to. Why would anyone look for another shop, when they have that constant reminder of your great service stuck right to their windshield?

The stickers also can be a great way to differentiate your shop from others by incorporating your company logo or even the ASE logo, if you have ASE-certified staff – a factor many drivers take into consideration when selecting the shop that will care for their vehicles.

Best of all, you can have this name recognition, contact info and service reminder at a great return on investment. Oil change stickers are inexpensive and much less costly than a comparable ad campaign.

Get your name in front of your most important asset – your customers – today. Contact your trusted auto shop supplies dealer today.


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