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A logo is simply a graphical mark, symbol, or icon used to help and promote brand identification and corporate recognition. It can be of either an abstract or symbolic design or contain the text that signifies what it symbolizes as in a monogram, name stamp, or emblem. Logo design can be formal, such as a corporate logo designed for a company’s official seal, or informal, like those found on business cards. Regardless of its format, logo design is an essential tool for businesses to establish their brand identity in the market.

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The simplest logos are the ones created using only a capital letter. However, more advanced logo designs require creative minds and precise planning to create unique logo designs. In the logo design, the typography plays an important role. While a capital “C” logo does not necessarily need to be written in capital letters, the use of a capital “C” letter in its design gives the viewer the feeling that it is a logo, and implies that it is official.

Brand identity is essential in the creation of a successful logo design. Without a well-defined brand identity, a company risks creating the wrong impression with its target customers regarding its products and services. Thus, a logo helps create company identity. In fact, a recent study showed that 30% of consumer perceptions of brand identity are derived from the visual cues alone, while the remaining perception is influenced by the words associated with the brand

Visual identity refers to the visual aspect of the brand, which includes colors, fonts, images, and so forth. This is different from typography, which refers to the arrangement of characters in text. In the logo design, the visual identity is further emphasized through the use of colors, shapes, and so forth. For instance, the colors used for a website or a marketing campaign can significantly affect the success of such efforts, since colors convey different meanings.

The touch points of a logo design should not only be attractive but functional as well. It should not only provide information to viewers, but should also facilitate the interaction between users and the brand. The touch points of a logo design should not only consist of text, but also images. Images can add value to a brand image by providing relevant information or helping viewers identify with the brand.

In short, visual identity is much more important in logo design than its content. While typography is necessary for readability, its use is limited when it comes to the production of a logo design. A good logo design should therefore incorporate both visual identity and typography, to effectively communicate a company’s mission and objectives to consumers. Good luck!


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