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Your sales staff is critical to your business’ continuing success.  As with all employees, sales personnel want to feel appreciated and fairly rewarded for their efforts.  One way to motivate and recognize sales staff members is through bonus awards.  The following tips will guide you in obtaining the full benefits of using staff bonuses. 

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Employee Success is Business Success

Don’t rely solely on bonuses for motivation.  While monetary rewards work well as incentives for most employees, this strategy is not meaningful to everyone.  Recognize that other forms of acknowledgment, such as verbal praise, extra personal time off, and annual raises should be used in conjunction with staff bonuses to keep your sales staff motivated bonus member baru 200% slot.

Set concrete goals.  Your sales staff will appreciate some guidelines regarding their target sales goals.  “Each sales staff member has a monthly target of $20,000 in sales” is much clearer than “we all need to improve our sales numbers.”  Presenting your employees with measurable goals will give them a better understanding of what is expected of them and help them focus on their contribution to the business’ overall success.  Bonuses have more meaning if the end goal is explained at the outset.

Give fair bonuses.  Bonuses that are either too low or too high for the amount of work and effort expended can cause hard feelings for either the award recipient or co-workers.  Make sure your staff bonuses show your appreciation for outstanding accomplishments and are reflective of the actual work involved.  Sales staff members that know your bonuses are sincere recognitions of hard work will be motivated to surpass their established goals.

Support the success of your employees.  The promise of a bonus for meeting or exceeding a certain goal will not mean much if the employee feels incapable of achieving the goal.  Without the necessary tools, training, and guidance, your sales staff may end up overwhelmed and discouraged.  Providing your employees with every reasonable means to accomplish their individual objectives will let them know that a bonus is a realistic possibility.  

Reward independence.  Sales employees that can stand on their own while still being mindful of the entire business team are quite valuable to a business.  Your sales staff members that thrive in environments that require independence need to be compensated for their contributions.  Their responsibility and leadership can lead your business to even greater heights.

Support a Strong Sales Team

Your sales team is in a position to enhance your business’ financial standing.  Providing strong motivation for your sales staff through incentives such as bonuses can lead not only to improving your company’s bottom line, but also to an improved credit profile.  Increased sales, an indication of a successful and growing company, are of particular interest to investors and lenders.


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