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Outside Electronic Marketing –
The pressure for digital data has never been greater with more and more devices creeping into our lives, due to our hunger for information, now Places of worship are installing digital signage to converse more effectively with their congregation and call to a wider audience.

Outdoor LED Video Wall | Outdoor Video wall Screen India - LEXA Stream

With offspring as young as 5 years using PCs, this thirst will only intensify, however prayer groups have always given to their own community anonymously as a main function, now numerous Houses of God are working with everything from video walls, truck electronic advertising to outdoor digital signage enclosures these are all being used to:

  • Teach volunteers
  • Provide an information system of the work the Church is doing in the close neighborhood
  • Provide any external fund raising plan
  • Offer routes of the Church and contact details for emergency contacts.

Working with out-of-doors dynamic signage is one way to share what precisely they are doing and it does not have to be expensive. A normal set up can cost as little as $2100 but this can be returning a good earnings month on month.

Visualize the picture, a parishioner who is also a local factory owner, sees the occasion and provides the hardware comprising of a large LCD or plasma TV, a campaign player and an outdoor LCD monitor cabinet Outdoor Video Walls.

Once the devices is fitted and some content is shown, local businesses could be approached to promote their items on the advertising solution and the local business person could use some contacts that would pay for ad slots, these slots when sold could and almost unquestionably would pay for the initial hardware installation, leaving the Church with a left over takings every month of a couple of thousand dollars.

You are thinking, well why put a monitor into an outside Monitor housing? The motive is these dynamic outside signage enclosures are designed with protection in mind and not just the physical attacks, just think what would ensue if you mounted a TV outside without heating, what would take place? These special cases come as standard with exclusive heaters that are thermostatically controlled making sure the interior system is in the best possible shape and for them not to overheat or freeze.

Dave is the leading manufacturer a range of LCD monitor enclosures, this range is used throughout the outdoor digital signage industry throughout the world for the ultimate in protection. This range of LCD monitor enclosures can also be used for factory protection.


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