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Since the Attorney General put the buying and selling of foreclosed homes on a “freeze” that means that many people will be able to avoid foreclosure. The homeowners needs to take advantage of the stall in the banks being allowed to foreclose on their homes and hire a lawyer to help them out of the situation. The lawyers can help you avoid foreclosure if you contact them in advance of your twenty-one day notice of foreclosure. It is to your best interest to get defense set in motion by a lawyer before the “freeze” period is over. It is predicted that either there will be a slowdown in foreclosures in the state of Texas after the “freeze” or either there will be a mass amount of homes that will be seized without mercy.

The homeowner should not wait around to find out what might happen but instead avoid foreclosure on your home by taking action. You can do that by getting advice from a lawyer. The lawyer knows all the in’s and out’s of foreclosure and what needs to be done to prevent the banks or lending institutions from taking your home. You Corona Fraud Scandal need the assistance of a lawyer in order to have a good defense to protect your home after the state’s Attorney General’s investigative committee has completed their findings. The committee can only make suggestions and present proposals to the state legislation but that does not mean they can change the present laws covering foreclosure in the state of Texas.

The best defense that you can have will be determined after the investigation. It is hopeful that the banks will lighten up on homeowners and start providing means for people to keep their homes. The team is expected to come up with some new laws but they will not be enacted immediately so the homeowner will still be under the old foreclosure rule of thumb. This does not mean that you have to lose your home in foreclosure. The lawyer can help you to work to be covered under the President Obama bailout plan which might be able to prevent you losing your home in foreclosure. It is best to use a lawyer for any foreclosure defense that you might be entitled to receive.


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