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Ponder this scenario: You have developed a web site and spent lots of time building it. Your site promotes a product or service you like a lot so you want people to buy it. You put the perfect sales presentation on the web site and you market your website to attract as many visitors as you possibly can.

And those visitors come, look over your site, and leave without ordering.

That can be frustrating. It’s also part of the industry. There isn’t any web site that generates sales to every person who visits. Even the most successful websites will certainly miss out on sales occasionally. The most effective websites simply transform more visitors into buyers than the less successful internet sites. For the typical business owner, the problem becomes, “How can I encourage more people to buy something”?

The solution may lie with a software tool known as Exit Splash. Exit Splash is a modest piece of software that inserts a few lines of program code into your Internet page. When somebody visits the webpage, they see nothing unusual about it. But once they attempt to abandon the web page, a little popup box shows up with a message. That message could possibly say anything at all, but usually it says something similar to, “Wait! Before you go, click the cancel 토토안전업체 button to see a special offer.” If the visitor does click their cancel button, they are delivered to a webpage which offers more information about the product or service, provides a discount, offers something at no cost, or offers a chance for the visitor to register for a mailing list.

The choices are endless, but Exit Splash makes it very easy for Website owners to make an eleventh hour attempt to get some value from a visitor while they are trying to leave the page. In all likelihood, you’ve seen Exit Splash yourself and did not understand what it was or how it works. In truth, you’ve most likely seen it quite often. There’s a reason for that – it works.

Setting up Exit Splash could not possibly be simpler. You need to upload one file to any web site you have. Once you’re done, you fill out a form on the Tool Generator page to obtain the code you must put on your web site. It only takes a few seconds to fill out the form.

Exit Splash is a fantastic way to draw attention to some features of your product that your prospective customers may have overlooked. It is an excellent way to offer a discount to somebody that otherwise didn’t intend to purchase. It is a fantastic way to encourage a departing visitor to subscribe for an email list. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Here’s the best part – since Exit Splash is essentially making sales from people who did not plan to make a purchase, Exit Splash basically pays for itself! Depending on the price of the product or service you have available for sale, just one additional purchase may pay for the Exit Splash software.


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